Introducing a Revolution in Personal Development

Ancient System Uses Inner Joy to Create
Abundance and Prosperity

Discover the Ancient system handed down for 28 generations which unlocks the power of your inner joy to grow abundant material success and sincere happiness at the same time.

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Success & Happiness together at last…

Introducing a revolution in personal development

Builds You a Foundation in
4 Short Days So Powerful
It Is Beyond Your
Wildest Dreams Today!

PING! Success and Happiness

Quite frankly, this is an almost unbelievable Advertisement for what has justly been called;

“The Most Explosive Personal Development Course Ever Written.”

It was created by M.D. “Windwalker” Walsh, who is without question the World’s Most Accomplished Success and Happiness Instructor Living Today (*see proof below!) It is designed — for the first time in history —

“to coax Incredible Success and Happiness out of perfectly normal individuals”

Performance Like this — a life like this —
yours without risking a penny!

Never Feel Uninspired or Hopeless
Again As Long As You Live!

You will be able to greet everyday filled with enthusiasm — set and reach goals with unparalleled ease and certainty — get clear about your purpose in life — instantly — Even if you are facing the most difficult situations you have ever faced — You will never again feel despair or hopelessness surrounding anything important to you…

Success and Happiness are meant to go together, courses focusing on one or the other always come up short at producing the real results you are after. Now for the first time ever, PING! combines the best techniques ever offered for achieving Success while creating Lasting Happiness into Four Simple Straightforward Lessons anyone can get started using right away!

This is astonishing enough, but the fact that PING! was created by the most proven Success and Happiness instructor living in the world today should give you an idea of the power waiting for you within the PING! system. Countless coaches and instructors strive to compare themselves to M.D.Walsh, but the truth remains — NO ONE instructor on the entire planet can compare with his billion dollar track record of real world results. Now — M.D. Walsh has placed the 4 most powerful tactics anyone can get started using right away into a Revolutionary Straightforward System that does much more than simply unlock your enthusiasm.

This course is also designed to burn into your subconscious at the deepest levels (if you so wish) the following vital skills: Earning the respect and admiration of family and loved ones while cultivating your genuine self worth through the traditional method of: REAL WORLD ACCOMPLISHMENTS. The exact outcomes you desire, down to the day, month, and year if you wish to really prove the power of the system to yourself.

(Let us repeat this fact again: We realize that such a feat of achieving Unlimited Success and Happiness together may be absolutely impossible for you today. But we also realize that it is Impossible for you BECAUSE YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN EXACTLY THE WRONG WAY. Once you are shown the right way, the floodgates spring open and the Impossible becomes commonplace. And you PROVE this to yourself, or you don’t pay a penny.)

Now let us go on, to the other “impossible” feats you are going to perform with this course:

Discover Your Deepest and Most Sincere
Purpose in Life
In Your First Session!

Leading Life Coaching Authorities from all over the world agree that “Purpose in Life” is the dominating factor in achieving Success and Happiness. But until now, NOT ONE OF THEM has been able to uncover your unique purpose in life with a simple exercise you will complete in a matter of minutes. This, again, is one of the “Simple Tests” you will pass at the end of the first day! To prove to yourself — and your friends the kind of “Deeply Sincere Person” you have now become.

This is what you will do —

— You will be given a technique which will allow you to take a snapshot of the inside
of your mind

— In under ten minutes time your deepest inner purpose in life will become astoundingly clear to you

— With this one technique you banish for good any senses of hopelessness or despair which may be holding you back

Impossible? Far from it. This exact same technique was developed by the geniuses at Harvard University to train leaders of the largest projects in the world at how to overcome obstacles with the least amount of effort possible. Available nowhere else – for the first time ever – this award winning Harvard Level technique has been adapted for easy use by everyday normal people who want extraordinary results in their everyday lives.

Your personal LifeMap™ will reveal your unique life’s purpose to you while securing it deep inside your mind where it will begin motivating, inspiring, and empowering you to levels you had never previously thought possible.

You will not, of course, need to memorize every word or idea on your LifeMap™ — as easy as filling in a few blanks you will gain a mental photograph strong enough to do each of the following:

— Take control of your future with confidence

— Set and reach goals with unimaginable ease

— Destroy bad habits and addictive behavior

— Begin living with sincerity strong enough to overcome any negativity in your life

— Become Strong Enough to Help the people you love overcome the challenges they’re facing

PING! Purpose LifeMapYou will sigh with relief, over and over again, as the power of purpose transforms your life — not just the surface elements, but the very essence of a life well lived will be secured through your use of this first technique.

You can perform this LifeMapping over and over again, as often as you like. Each time you will be refining and improving your life in the real world. But equally Important are the dozens of other applications of this same basic “LifeMapping” technique: Such as making difficult decisions with confidence, forever saying “Goodbye” to feeling unsure of yourself for the rest of your life, and allowing your efforts to combine creating results you never imagined possible.

Using the PING! System delivers to you the life of your dreams without hesitation or flaw (guaranteed)— Or — opens up a whole new world of possibilities waiting to be enjoyed. In a single evening, the Instant you hear it, without trying or needing to memorize as much as a single phrase, you will feel the effects of PING! for the rest of your life. (And you PROVE this to yourself, or it’s absolutely free.)

But this is still just the beginning. Because all this was just Day One — now you’ll go on to develop an entirely new kind of “Initiative Inertia” that actually enables you to:


M.D. Walsh’s treat – new, “Decision Tree”
Yours to keep FREE, even if you return the PING! Limitless Success and Endless Happiness Now! System for every cent of your money back!

A Pillars of Success ExclusiveYes, here is the revolutionary new Happiness-Made-Simple volume which can actually turn you into a JOYFUL WIZARD of results in a SINGLE session! And it’s yours FREE, with this special offer!

This volume is designed to give you a greater mastery over the Power of Decision in a single hour than the average person develops in an entire lifetime!

You’ll prove this to yourself, in the very first evening, when the fog of uncertainty lifts and you find yourself happier, more joyous, and celebrating your life with more enthusiasm than you ever thought possible.

You prove this to yourself, every single day from now and for the rest of your life, as the Power of Decision saves you hundreds and even thousands of hours you spend on “hidden” wastes of your energy robbing you of your most precious resource: Free-Time! dissolve and vanish with the power of this Single Decision.

One Decision and the riddle of life resolves into the tremendous new power you have to Explore – Celebrate – and Delight that is not just based on the understanding that results come from actions, it is based on the truth that the right actions produce the right results — With the Decision Tree bonus, you’ll be able to see the right actions for every situation and in just one hour you will gain all the knowledge you need to skyrocket your career, your health, and your relationships.

Yes! And you prove it most dramatically in the effect your actions will have on the people who mean the most to you! ONE DECISION that gives you the power to see the easiest, quickest, and most favorable action in every situation.

People will admire your Confidence, Sincerity, and Powerful ability to overcome any obstacle with integrity and grace — because people with the power to make good decisions are the most sought after people in the world! Never again will you stumble or flounder at the moment of truth and never again will you have to compromise your dignity in order to fit in.

NOW with the Decision Tree Bonus, yours ABSOLUTELY FREE, you will quickly and easily answer the ONE QUESTION which will determine every outcome for the rest of your life — forever saving you the waste of all those hours spent doing something and getting nothing in return. With the DECISION TREE BONUS never again will your efforts be wasted going in the wrong direction…

The complete DECISION TREE of LIFE – 1 hour mega-session,

This lesson was exclusively created to be an amplifier – or supercharger – for the PING! Techniques and is only available as a bonus included with your purchase of the PING! – Limitless Success and Endless Happiness Now! System Today.

Here’s how easy it is to get the FREE BONUS:

With your purchase of PING! today – WE WILL IMMEDIATELY include YOUR DOWNLOADABLE COPY OF “The DECISION TREE 1-HOUR AUDIO AND PRINTABLE HANDOUT” at no additional cost to you.

PLUS YOUR FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE STILL HOLDS TRUE 100%. Again, you try PING! ENTIRELY AT OUR RISK. If you are not delighted in every way, simply request a refund within 60 days and every cent of your money will be returned to you at once, and keep your FREE copy of the
Decision Tree Mega-Session as our gift to you!

TAKE THIS Success and Happiness Self TEST!

Don’t pay a cent unless you pass It 100%!

This is extremely important! Knowing where you’re going will make sure you get there with the least effort possible. At the core of M.D. Walsh’s PING! Limitless Success and Lasting Happiness NOW! is a Success and Happiness Self-Test designed to do three things:

(1) Show you exactly how inadequate the normal levels of Success and Happiness are in the world today.

(2) Show you how incredibly-powerful and happy the exact same person can be, once they are trained with these 4 simple Success and Happiness techniques.

(3) Show you how far you’ve come in just a few short days

Here is a brief outline of that test. Notice how basic each of the core questions can be and yet how far off they may seem for you today. And then read the amazing guarantee at the bottom of the test – You may be pleasantly surprised.


Do You:

(1) Know with Certainty where your life is headed?

(2) Feel Confident and Happy with who you are?

(3) Achieve any goal you set in a reasonable amount of time?

(4) Overcome negative people and challenges gracefully each time they arise?

(5) Make decisions with confidence quickly and easily?

(6) Consistently accumulate money and wealth without compromising your integrity?

(7) Feel loved and appreciated for who you truly are?

Now here is our Amazing Guarantee:

We believe that you will answer “No” to many of these basic questions the first time you honestly answer them, before you take this course. But we guarantee that you will answer “YES” to EVERY ONE OF THEM when you have finished the course — OR EVERY CENT OF YOUR MONEY BACK —

This course MUST perform for you, or it COSTS you nothing. Read these 7 questions carefully because these 7 factors are built into every step of the PING! system to give you undeniable proof that success and happiness is growing in your life with every passing day — that you actually have reached an “impossible” level of accomplishment, virtually overnight!!

PING! functions by removing the core obstacles between you and a lifetime of success and happiness. Because of this CORE EFFECT the results PING! produces are faster and bigger than any other system ever created. Similar to polishing a diamond, PING! removes the roughness and reveals the brilliance within.

We know this seems ‘too good to be true’ so we offer you — The PING! Promise: By the end of the 4-lessons in PING! you will answer “YES” to all 7 of those questions or the course costs you nothing(read them again to understand exactly what PING! will do for you). How confident are we in this promise? We stand behind this PROMISE 100% — You try it entirely at our risk. Why not take our NO-Risk 60 day Trail — TODAY?

Carry Your Head High
And Experience the
Success and Happiness
Which cannot be faked

Most modern Success and Happiness courses literally RUIN your chances by teaching the all too flawed “Fake it Until you Make It” approach. Unlike this pack of teachers with no real world proof or experience, M.D.Walsh has proved the PING! System in the real world time and time again by accepting every challenge of evidence, certainty, and scrutiny.

The TRUTH is SIMPLE — Authentic Happiness takes no effort whatsoever when it comes naturally. PING! teaches you to transform any situation you wish into a real world best case scenario — ‘faking it’ can never compare with the real thing. The PING! System produces the true to life happiness that only comes from successfully transforming your life into a living dream come true, for good. All in just four short lessons.

Once you learn these 4 simple techniques, then you will become the co-creator of anything you ever dreamt of as easily as dialing someone’s phone number. Literally, just like a phone number, randomly trying to guess at it may never produce the results you desire, but if you know the correct combination it is the easiest thing in the world to get the desired results.

With PING! you quickly learn the correct combination from the World’s Most Proven Success and Happiness Instructor — and you will never forget it as long as you live —(even if you try).


Four Simple Audio Discs

“Achieving Success and Happiness will be the funnest game you’ve ever played…”

PING! was created to be as enjoyable and easy to learn as it is to use. All you’ll do is sit back, listen and enjoy while PING! entertains you. Then you’ll fill in a few special blanks — and PING! will begin to work its magic in your life. Unbelievable? Impossible? You won’t risk a penny to find out — we’ll take all the risk while you prove the power of PING! to yourself…

…and You’re about to —

  • Be given the 33 keys to building wealth and success that each cost nothing to use: This is the secret list Benjamin Franklin called: “The Most Powerful and Virtuous toolkit ever assembled” — With it you will unlock the gates to successful relationships, outstanding careers, limitless vitality, vast personal wealth, respect, freedom and too much more to even try and list here. All historically proven and always free to use.
  • Never feel overwhelmed again. Forever say goodbye to long complicated lists and achieve success after success by knowing and doing the right thing at the right time, everytime.
  • Instantly Make Friends and Impress New Acquaintances with nothing more than the look in your eyes. Never again will you feel socially awkward or insecure, because once you learn to use the “Master Thought” enemies transform into friends, strangers are drawn to you, and the whole world seems to magically open up into a world of smiling faces eager at your every approach.
  • Become a Source of Inspiration for others as your Success and Happiness overflow into the lives of those around you.

PLUS (the following are just a few of the secondary effects caused by the Success and Happiness you’ll be growing; but they are incredibly desirable nonetheless):

  • Win Astonishing Attention and Respect the old fashion way: “By Earning it!” (PING! shows you the way to earning and deserving the life of your dreams with less effort than you previously thought possible by removing everything that’s been holding you back)
  • Present Yourself to the World with Confidence and Dignity as PING! helps you to discover, uncover, and recover you at your best.
  • You will become more Reliable and Trustworthy with every passing day as PING! gives you the tools to make good on every promise and commitment you make
  • Become Liked, Admired, even Adored as your genuine heartfelt Happiness makes you the single most sought after person in every situation.
  • The power to help others achieve their dreams is perhaps the greatest gift that PING! will give you. . . . and every person you help and support will remember and respect you should you accidentally bump into them even many years later… Happiness and Success are truly at their best when they’re shared — This is the Secret Power of PING!

Right now, this may all sound unbelievable; but you realize this; This last “incredible feat” alone, is actually so easy that any eight-year-old can master it in ten minutes, ONCE THEY LEARN THE SIMPLE TRICK. Here’s why:


With PING!’s Revolutionary Style,
You Won’t FORCE
Your Way To A Super-Charged Life,
You PLAY Your Way To It!

Success and Happiness
have always been FUN!

Once again, we must repeat this fact: To accomplish every one of the feats described in this advertisement, you need nothing more than average motivation (which you’d probably call “lazy” , “slackworthy”, or “unreliable” today) — PLUS THE SIMPLE TRICKS CONTAINED IN THIS COURSE.

There are just FOUR such “tricks” or — • “Life-Boosting Techniques” • — in this course. Each one of which is designed, to give seemingly superstrength to another vital area of your life.

For example, one of these Life-Boosters — which you can master in just five minutes — enables you to see the good in any situation and begin building on it almost as fast as your eye can glance around the room. Another Booster destroys in minutes, the unconscious error that makes you “absent-minded” today, while yet another gets rid of embarrassing social mistakes and feelings of inadequacy the first time you use it.

PING! Snap SheetsAnd most Important of all, each one of these tricks is given to you — not by your reading about it at all, or studying, or plowing your way through page after page of dull “blue-sky” theory — but by your PUTTING IT TO USE INSTANTLY, with simple fill in the blank straightforward Mental-Snap-Sheets™, that literally LOCK IT INTO YOUR MEMORY, FOR GOOD!

Utilizing the same techniques developed for teaching dignitaries foreign languages quickly and easily, PING! makes use of the most advanced memory, recall, and recognition learning devices ever developed on this planet. What makes this all the more amazing is that the colorful and playful Mental-Snap-Sheets™ are actually easier and more fun than most games!

To be clear about this: If you were to read an ordinary book to improve your Success and Happiness, it could take weeks or months of dedicated study and hard work to master any practical system for producing results in the real world. But when you use the simple MENTAL-SNAP-SHEET-SHORTCUTS given to you with each lesson of this system, you will be able apply the methods instantly — and use them perfectly — THAT VERY NIGHT!

(Again: The PING! System marries the most ancient, reliable, and proven techniques ever assembled in one course for producing lasting Success and Happiness in the Real World with the most advanced, effective, and funnest methods of teaching and learning ever created. (You will be the judge, and PING! will prove this to you 100%, or the course doesn’t cost you a penny)

The Following Information is so Shocking and Hard to Believe that We’ve included a special FTC “Substantiation of Claims” Section to this website SO YOU CAN EASILY VERIFY EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF!


What would you be willing to risk to get
his Secret Techniques?

Perhaps you have heard the stories of “San Francisco’s Billion Dollar Mystery Man” who appeared from the woods, penniless, raised over a Billion dollars for public schools, created over 30,000 jobs — and then vanished back into the woods without a trace. Or perhaps you have heard rumors that the most popular Yoga Temple in the Americas (hosting over 50,000 students per year!) was built by this same man. Or perhaps you have read stories of the 1,000’s of people from all over the world who traveled to his secret mountain hideaway to study from this man.

Windwalker with Wife MollyThis is M.Daniel “Windwalker” Walsh — The 28th Generation of a 1500 year unbroken Shamanic Lineage — whose billion dollar track record of real world results has had him hailed by leading authorities as “the Most Accomplished Success and Happiness Instructor Living in the World Today.” Transcending cultural boundaries to bring the wisdom of the ancients to people all over the modern world, there is nothing ordinary about the ‘Windwalker’ just like there is nothing ordinary about PING!

Unlike teachers whose only real world accomplishment is ‘teaching’ the Windwalker’s real world successes are so massive as to boggle the mind. From overcoming crippling adversity to rising to the heights of professional success, the Windwalker Directed 18 multi-million dollar projects totaling over a billion dollars in real world success before he ever began sharing the secrets of success and happiness with others. His real world accomplishments have made him one of the most sought after analysts and advisers living in the world today (*see substantiation of claims section to verify this for yourself… M.D. Walsh is without question among the most accomplished authorities on Success and Happiness living in the world today)

Playful and Reclusive ‘The Windwalker’ is radically different from the pack because his lessons are based on real results, reliable ancient methods, and the proof only real life experience can provide — Even more amazing is fact that his techniques are simpler, immediately easy to use and fun to learn because he removes all the Hogwash, Nonsense, Hype, and Theory so common with today’s teachers.

“When people are finally ready to claim the success and happiness that is theirs, they will find me…” M.D. Windwalker Walsh

Until now, his methods and lessons have been available only to a handful of those – ‘in the know’ individuals and corporations with the knowledge of how to find him. Fortune 500 Companies, Politicians, City Councils, Chiefs of Police, Celebrities, World Caliber Athletes, and too many others to try and list have all gone to great lengths to get access to his legendary ‘Midas Touch’

— Now —
…for the first time in history — we’ve convinced The Windwalker to give you access to the system so powerful and effective that your friends may actually gasp in disbelief as they watch your Success and Happiness grow leaps and bounds with every passing moment! – LITERALLY – (all delivered to you immediately right now over the internet)

Unbelievable? Impossible? “Unbelievable and Impossible” are ordinary everyday things with the ‘Windwalker’. There is no way we can convey the Life Transforming Power, Fun, and Ease of PING! in this advertisement so we’ve decided to let you test drive the entire course for yourself, PROVE Everything 100% to YOUR satisfaction — without risking a single penny. How serious are we about this? Just look at the names we’ve partnered with on our certificate of guarantee and you’ll see – WE BELIEVE AND GUARANTEE 100% YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE PING!

Designed To Retail For $97.95
– In Stores –
This Pre-Release Downloadable Edition is Yours
For A Fraction Of The Price!

PING! Success and Happiness Downloadable EditionThe PING! Limitless Success and Endless Happiness NOW! System was original designed as an intensive — consisting of an Four separate Life-Boosting sections, each with a revolutionary Snap-Sheet™. This entire intensive was then condensed into a 4-disc set designed to retail at $97.95 in stores around the world.

Since the PING! system is completely unique . . . and since it allows you to accomplish the effects of Success and Happiness in a way that no other course or book has ever even dared attempt before . . . we believe it would be an exceptional accomplishment to make it available IMMEDIATELY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and an exceptional bargain at the original $97.95 price (countless less proven and less effective courses sell for many times this amount).

However, since worldwide economies vary so dramatically this price of $97.95 would bar many people who desperately need this information. The Windwalker challenged us to effectively lower the price and make a SPECIAL EDITION COMPLETELY DOWNLOADABLE version immediately available to you. . . not for the original $97.95, but for just $57.95 complete! A FULL $40 OFF THE RETAIL PRICE!!!

In addition to this, he also included the complete Decision-Tree-of-Life Bonus at no additional cost!

On top of that! We do NOT ask you to pay this amount unless you have proven the Incredible Power of this course to yourself. Prove every claim we have made to your own satisfaction — or you do not pay a penny. If (as we believe) you are delighted, then and only then will we accept your payment as our own (your payment will be available for you to reclaim anytime within the next 60 days while you prove the power of this course to yourself) — If you are dissatisfied in any way, for any reason, simply reclaim your money, and every cent will be returned to your accounts at once.

Limitless Success and Endless Happiness NOW!
Donwloadable Edition Special Offer
Yours today for just

*This is a limited edition pre-release special offer; the
Publishers of PING! reserve the right to end this offer at anytime.

Plus with our Unconditional 60 day No-Risk Satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose — but you have everything to gain — an incredible Life of Success and Happiness — a life so joyful and worth living it’s hard to conceive of today — all waiting for you just a few moments away. So, why not accept our No-Risk Offer TODAY?


   Please Rush me IMMEDIATE ACCESS to M. Daniel “Windwalker” Walsh’s Incredible new “PING! Limitless Success and Lasting Happiness NOW!” Course — INCLUDING the BONUS “DECISION TREE OF LIFE” — not for the regular price of $97.95 — but for only $57.95 complete.

PING! Success and Happiness

“I agree to make a secured payment at this time for the amount of only $57.95 (which will be held for 60 days) that I may prove every claim you have made to myself. I will use the course at your risk, without risking so much as a penny of my own money. I understand that I will not ever be charged another penny, no hidden memberships, no partial payments, and nothing further to buy, $57.95 is only a bargain if there is nothing hidden behind it!”

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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